Digital Marketing


A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential to any brand that wishes to do business online. The goal of digital marketing is to move potential customers from initial brand awareness to purchase through coordinated campaigns across various channels. Each of these channels serves a different purpose but rely on and support each other to grow revenue and brand equity.


The main channels within digital marketing are:

  • Social Media Advertising - ads served to social media users

  • Search Engine Marketing - ads served to search engine users

  • Email Marketing - branded email delivered to a company’s email list

  • Website - a company’s digital storefront and content platform

  • Content Marketing - using content to establish brand awareness and credibility

  • Social Media - engaging potential customers through social channels to build trust

  • Influencer - mobilizing brand advocates to establish third-party validation




Ecommerce is broadly defined as commercial transactions conducted over the internet. It poses both a seismic change and a huge opportunity for fashion brands. According to Shopify, a major tech platform that services ecommerce companies, worldwide ecommerce revenue is expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022. However, while this part of the industry is growing, more and more retailers are shutting their doors, unable to keep up with the shift away from brick and mortar retail to ecommerce.


As experts in digital marketing for ecommerce brands, Hawke Media has helped many fashion brands build their digital presence. We see ecommerce not simply as a financial necessity, but as an opportunity for fashion companies to redefine their brand. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can turn niche brands into fashion industry titans. That begins with a sales-optimized website that acts as a digital storefront. From there, brands can begin to focus on other digital strategies that move potential customers from awareness to purchase, like social media advertising, email campaigns, content marketing, and more.




Branding is the practice of establishing a distinctive identity among consumers with unique products or services, value props, aesthetic, and messaging. Crafting this unique brand story should is an equally creative and analytical process.


At Hawke Media, we begin any branding exercise for a fashion client with a deep dive into existing brand elements, products, and strategies, before looking at competitors in the space to identify key market opportunities, define target personas, and determine potential creative direction. We then perform market research to gather behavioral, demographic, and psychographic consumer data. Branding concludes with exercises to finalize guidelines for messaging and visual identity, to serve as the DNA for all future brand and business development.