Retail Strategies - Client Retention

Business success is all about customer retention.   The premise for success focuses on a “people first” attitude from the initial transaction through a continued relationship that should never end, capturing both loyalty and repeat business.  Think outside of the box, onboard new customers, train associates, create the human connection, leverage technology and much more!

2019 Customer Experience Trends

If we don’t look ahead we risk being left in the dust, and perhaps nowhere is that risk greater than with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a practical retail technology. AI has left the lab, and although its long-range impacts and unexpected consequences remain the domain of science fiction writers, brands and retailers have seized upon it to predict individual consumer behavior and laser-target their messaging. Those who begin coupling AI with the human touch in the year to come will have a huge advantage long-term. As my 2019 trends that follow demonstrate, the technology gold rush will go unabated but savvy retailers will never lose focus on people.