Ecommerce is broadly defined as commercial transactions conducted over the internet. It poses both a seismic change and a huge opportunity for fashion brands. According to Shopify, a major tech platform that services ecommerce companies, worldwide ecommerce revenue is expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022. However, while this part of the industry is growing, more and more retailers are shutting their doors, unable to keep up with the shift away from brick and mortar retail to ecommerce.


As experts in digital marketing for ecommerce brands, Hawke Media has helped many fashion brands build their digital presence. We see ecommerce not simply as a financial necessity, but as an opportunity for fashion companies to redefine their brand. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can turn niche brands into fashion industry titans. That begins with a sales-optimized website that acts as a digital storefront. From there, brands can begin to focus on other digital strategies that move potential customers from awareness to purchase, like social media advertising, email campaigns, content marketing, and more.

Outlook 2018: Booming e-commerce is changing the fashion industry

It's time to catch up on the booming e-commerce industry and the prospects of success of smaller businesses today. Sustainability remains a major challenge for businesses as conscious consumerism continues to be the shopping priority of wary millennials. Personal economics towards authentic goods and services providing social, environmental and visual aspects dictate the e-commerce trends in 2018.