Branding is the practice of establishing a distinctive identity among consumers with unique products or services, value props, aesthetic, and messaging. Crafting this unique brand story should is an equally creative and analytical process.


At Hawke Media, we begin any branding exercise for a fashion client with a deep dive into existing brand elements, products, and strategies, before looking at competitors in the space to identify key market opportunities, define target personas, and determine potential creative direction. We then perform market research to gather behavioral, demographic, and psychographic consumer data. Branding concludes with exercises to finalize guidelines for messaging and visual identity, to serve as the DNA for all future brand and business development.

How to build brand awareness for a fashion label

When you need that bridal lehenga for your big day, do you think of Lajpat Nagar or Sabyasachi’s exclusive store in the most high-end locale of the city? When you plan to buy sleek cocktail heels, do you think of a normal shoe shop or the fabulous collection at Charles and Keith? We call this brand awareness. For a fashion brand or designer label to become a patented eponym is pretty much the apex of brand awareness. Although it is not necessarily achievable for every fashion label, that doesn’t mean one can’t do a lot more to boost awareness of one’s brand.

What does it really take to launch a Fashion Brand?

Right before New York Fashion Week, I received a distraught email from a respected publicist. She contacted me to vent about the lack of transparency in the press about the way young designers launch their businesses. She cited several designers who are heirs/heiresses to billion-dollar fortunes, or whose parents own factories, or whose personal net worths are in the nine figures. “Maybe it’s considered gauche to actively point out if someone has a family trust funding their fashion company, but it’s #realtalk,” she wrote. “I meet with emerging designers all the time and they’re always sort of baffled as to why so-and-so is getting traction. None of these designers had to spend their first seasons worrying about order minimums, fabric costs and renting a venue for a show. You’re competing with people who have massive financial resources.”