Heather Jones

Heather Jones proudly states: “My inspiration comes from the rhythm, movement and passion of the islands. Hand-painted silk chiffons, in varied weights, in the vibrant colors of the tropics, filled with the energy and abundance of the Caribbean life. My collection is designed to reveal the romantic nature and sensuality of today’s woman.”


Heather is a quintessential artist of this millennium representing the transitional era of self-assertion and individuality. Her designs are motivated to make women feel good about themselves, to empower and inspire.


The endless limitation of her work is like a powerful river with countless branches, which develops into outrageous waterfalls. Her work brings a divine blessing to each individual that comes into contact with her designs. They can imagine the warm tropical nights, cool sensuous days, deliciously soothing waters, the earthly rich flora of orchids and hibiscuses; all woven into the magical loom that Heather creates.


Heather has now become an icon in the fashion industry. She has taken fashion from an Idea into the global marketplace – endorsing her evolution with her recent claim to glory when she won the National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago Chaconia Gold Medal in 2009 for her contribution to fashion, International Prêt a Porter Style Award, at Fashion Week of the Americas 2002, which was hosted in South Beach Miami. Her main asset is her creative ability or her Idea, which is a continuous flow of new knowledge that has unique economic qualities. Once the cost of developing an innovation has been incurred, this Idea can be used on a continuous basis and in this situation evolve into an infinite amount of finalities. For Heather, this role of economic innovation or knowledge extends to all aspects of economic activity.