Sally Esinam Torpey

Sally Esinam Torpey, the designer behind the brand Oheemaa™ combines her rich sense of culture and heritage, along with inspiration from nature and her environment to produce simple, elegant, and sophisticated textiles and clothing for both men and women.


Sally has been a featured designer at the National Art Center of Accra in the African Sustainable Eco-Friendly show presented by Global Women Innovators and Inventors, and her international exposure includes participation in past editions of Miami Fashion Week, as well as independent shows during New York Fashion Week and other global fashion destinations.  


Sally Esinam Torpey has been featured in the African press and is a nationally and internationally recognized supporter of women’s empowerment.  In 2010, Sally formed the Sallet Fashion House and the Sallet Foundation, supporting training for a sustainable and industrialized apparel development and production industry in Ghana.  Supported by the Ministry of Trade, these organizations work to establish garment factories and training facilities that create jobs for dressmakers and artisans in the region.


In 2003, Sally founded Sympathy International, an organization formed to educate teens and young women on the importance of female reproductive hygiene, and has collaborated with the Ghana Aids Commission to provide education in advocacy, care, and support on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the entire Central Region of Ghana. Working together, Sally’s organizations and the government are empowering women to build healthy and sustainable livelihoods and a strong nation of independent women entrepreneurs.


Sally Esinam Torpey is a global empowerment Ambassador for all women in Africa.