FBAA Membership Benefits

The FBAA along with its strategic partners and business alliances, provide its members with the most relevant, current, accurate and expert resources and the necessary tools to succeed in the American market. 


Areas of expertise include but are not limited to retail strategies in B2B, B2C and Client Retention, IP and Fashion Law, Finance & Factoring, E-commerce, Digital and SEO strategies, Technology in Fashion, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Garment sizing perfection, Trade & Logistics Assistance and Trends Forecasting. 


Membership includes continual access to industry updates via webinars, Skype training sessions, consultations and strategy sessions, seminars and written content.  If our members have any questions, they will have access to the FBAA strategic partners 24/7. 



Priority Access to Industry Experts:

  • Q & A access to the FBAA Experts and Advisors on topics featured in the FBAA portal

  • Pre-notification of updates and news before being released to the public


Pop-Up Shop Location Services:

  • A national search for the best locations “for your brand” to open a temporary Pop-Up Shop within major cities and malls across America. Pop-Up Shop commitment may be from 1 week to 3 months with various terms available. Contract negotiation assistance upon request. This is an excellent way to test the market before committing to long-term retail space.


Brand Review:

  • FBAA experts will review your current branding, marketing plan and website construction to provide advice and solutions on optimizing your SEO and visibility in the market. “If they can’t see you, they can’t find you!