Hassan Houta

My name is Hassan Houta, a marketing communications graduate from the American University in Cairo. During my college years, I have used to contemplate numerous business ventures yet never had the experience to accomplish something real, but I’ve always had that entrepreneurial mindset. After graduating, I worked a short period for a marketing agency but did not fit into the corporate life as I was too interested in high strategic decisions and out of the box tactics, rather than what was expected from me as a starter, mere execution of traditional methods. During my last days in the agency, I sought venturing into the fashion business to conform to my uncompromising standards & passion for innovative marketing through a simple online T-shirt printing business. That’s when I saw an announcement for “Global Fashion Entrepreneurship Competition” led by Temraza’s CEO & Designer in Chief Farida Temraz and it instantly resonated with me. I participated with my partner, Hania Seif, as a team to win first the first place prize, taking our first steps towards launching our brand “bau”.

Hania Seif

I am Hania Seif, a girl who has always been interested and fascinated with almost all directions of arts. However, there was always something that pulled me towards fashion specifically ever since I was young. I always wanted to become a fashion designer. My scarves at home were my starting point as well as the accessories I had to complete the overall look. Designs were primitive, yet I always had a vision to grow. During my university life I got the privilege to first start off with Temraza Fashion Studio which was a motivation to design body suits. I have always been a huge fan of celebrities stepping on stage with their exquisite body suits which was the main reason behind the choice of this specific garment. The second opportunity, which was a dream come true, was being part of the “Global Fashion Entrepreneurship Competition” initiated by CEO & Designer in Chief Farida Temraz of Temraza. The journey of learning how to initiate a brand was essential to learn. Not only that, but I was privileged to win this competition with my partner, Hassan Houta, and really start thinking about how we will launch our brand for real.

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